Saturday, September 25, 2010


We have just sent an email to all our contacts in South coast BC and urge you dear reade to FW it.

John and Betty Beeching sent an "Open Letter" to the Premier and every member of the BC Legislature. For a complete list of the E-mail addresses go to the link below at the end of this letter. To find the name off your representativ it is under "members" on the government web site

Our letter asked the BC Legislature to amend the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act of British Columbia. In it we asked for the removal of the Act's authorization of Translink to "contract for the provision of Custom Transit Services." We pointed out that keeping HandyDART as the only contracted service in all transportation in the South Coast Transportation under Translink is discrimination.

This request will not get anywhere unless either the BC NDP members of the legislature act or all members receive letters of support for our request from their constituents.

Will you help? Send a letter of support to your MLA tell that member that you think all transportation of people should be public not private. Contracting HandyDART service is in the hands of a firm in the private sector.

Finally pass this message on to your friends and relatives who are residents of the South Coast of BC. Each letter increases the chance of success.

Thank you, two HandyDART users

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