Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the crem de la crem

From Sympatico.ca – Best paid CEO's in Canada Through the worst years of the recent recession, many of those at the top of the corporate ladder were unaffected. In fact, many of the highest paid CEOs saw increases in their compensation packages. And just how rich were those paycheques? Check out the list of Canada’s top paid CEOs.

If you go to www.sympatico.ca and type in "best paid CEO's in Canada" you will see such figures as high as over 13 million dollars. The CEO of Shaw got a 40% increase in salary. When did you get an increase of 40% in your income? Image removed. From John Beeching Honorary Chair Canadians for Peace and Socialism CPS Does Harper’s proposal to give tax breaks include the CEO? It’s all based on the misconception that is promoted by such groups as those who support the economic “trickle down theory”. That theory is based on the untruth that the more money that goes to the top echelons the more people they will hire. The facts on examination prove that just the opposite is true. Check out Linda McQuaid’s article in the Toronto Star on that subject. She writes a regular Tuesday column and said something like the gap between the rich and poor is not only increasing, but so are the numbers of the poor. For More of the Same – For more of the same, Vote Steven Harper’s Conservative team. He is Robin Hood’s evil brother they call Robbing Hood, He takes from the poor and gives to the rich! And more - a lot worse in the future if elected.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here is a link to the Peace Arch Demonstration in support of the US workers in danger of loosing their right to bargain. We think a Harper government with a majority could do the same here. He has passed enough draconian laws. Time to win back true democracy.